The Team

The active developers on the Virtual Access Open Source Project are

  • Daniel James
  • Mike Goodey
  • Nikki Locke
  • Taz Higgins
  • Kai Schaetzl

Other team members that were or still are involved in development, documentation or management of the project are

  • David Craig
  • Robert Neuschul
  • Brandy J. King
  • Martin Poole
  • Dominic Search


The old credits

Virtual Access was originally developed by William Lees at Ashmount Research Ltd., and was previously known as WigWam [Single User] and PowWow [multi-user]. The DOS product which preceeded both of these was known as Telepathy.

The product and source code was rescued by Atlantic Coast Plc in 1997, and subsequently released to open source through their executor [Imagineering Technologies Ltd] in April 2002.
See The Virtual Access License for further details.

The development team at Ashmount Research were:

  • William Lees
  • Peter Clapham
  • Nikki Locke
  • Taz Higgins

Additional code was also contributed at various times by Martin Spencer, Guy Atkinson and Mark Woollard.
Documentation and help systems were written by David Craig and Brandy J. King.
Cat-herding, project development and project management was handled by Robert Neuschul and Brandy J. King.
Ed Hasted, Tony Denson, and Jeremy Spiller wore the suits [when needed].

Virtual Access's saviour was

Steve Lee, of Atlantic Coast Plc, who kept the faith, kept the product safe and passed it on when the time was right.