Virtual Access 6 Releases

A full release of VAOS 6.3 is planned for March/April 2008 after a long time of waiting. It includes printing, spell-checking and a brand-new message parser and viewer plus several small enhancements and lots of bugfixes. This will be a major release! (VAOS 6.2 has been skipped.)

Latest releases are from Sept. 2006 and, released around Christmas. Please go to Wiki or to Sourceforge (see "Binary Packages" on the left) for downloading and more information.

The Christmas release (or VA 6.1) is only available from the Wiki. We consider this release stable and encourage everyone to jump right to it. Among other things it includes printing again! The Dokuwiki lists all the changes in VA 6.0, 6.1 and upcoming 6.2 if you want to know.

Info on initial VAOS release

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