Available Downloads

Official Binary Packages

  • VAOS 6.0
    There's now an installer version available. If you do not want to use the installer, but simply upgrade your existing installation, please read the installation instructions on the wiki (read the FAQs). Easiest way is to replace the old VA5 binaries with the new VAOS6 ones, but you can also start with a brand-new VAOS6 setup.
  • VA 5.5
    Sourceforge contains only updates of a few files, if you want to install VA from fresh, then first get the VA5 setup program, install it and then replace some of the files with the newer ones.
  • Tools. In addition, check out some of the documents and the Plus Pack here. Folderwatch and ViewTabs Assistant from the Plus Pack are the most valuable tools for VA available. Check them out! All tools and the Plus Pack are supposed to work with VA5 and 6.
  • Documents. The Dokuwiki contains links to the old Windows help files and converted HTML pages that can be edited via the dokuwiki.

Unofficial intermediate Releases

  • These can be obtained from the wiki. From time to time a developer may release a new binary with fixes or added functionality here. These releases should work fine, but are not "official" and fixes/features may get removed later on. They are a good way to stay up-to-date between the official releases which tend to get released less and less frequently.

Source (CVS)

  • Sourcecode can be browsed from the Web-CVS at Sourceforge. If you are interested in working on the code, then get it via anonymous CVS access, instructions are here.


  • www.virtual-access.org/pub/ contains several files which need some categorization yet. Most, if not all, should be available from one of the sources above, anyway.