The Virtual Access community provides support for the open source version of Virtual Access (VAOS 6 and above), the mail, news and conferencing communications program, through a set of newsgroups. Details are shown below.

Users seeking support for previous shareware versions of Virtual Access (versions 5 or earlier) are welcome, but be advised that only limited support is available on the VAOS newsgroups and bugs in these versions cannot be fixed.

Accessing Support Newsgroups

The password protected Virtual Access Newsgroups are on
The required username is vaos, and the password is vaosforever.

The Newsgroups are ...

  • vaos.chatter
  • vaos.test
  • vaos.wishlist

    for CVS code and test releases:
  • vaos.beta.announce (read-only)
  • vaos.beta.bugs
  • vaos.beta.discussion

    for VA5, VAOS 6.0 and 6.1:
  • vaos.current.announce (read only)
  • vaos.current.bugs
  • vaos.current.discussion


Notes about the use of the newsgroups

In general we encourage to use something like this in your signature in our newsgroups: VA Version: %VERSION%, %OS%. This will automatically insert the VA build no. and your OS version in the signature.

The vaos.beta groups are intended for discussion of all non-released code (that is CVS code) and for developer discussion.

The vaos.current groups are intended for support and discussion of all releases, that are publically available either from Sourceforge or the Wiki file gallery. Questions about VA5 are welcome here as well, but please make sure which version you talk about.

vaos.chatter is a general purpose group. You can use it for anything you think might be of interest to the community.

The vaos.test and vaos.wishlist groups should be self-explanatory. Wishes can only be fulfilled for VAOS, not for VA5.

Please do not post any attachments unless you were specifically asked to do so.

If you want to submit bugs it is best to ask about the problem in the newsgroup and confirm it might be a bug. Then submit it to our bugtracker at If you want to provide any messages for reproduction you can attach them to your bugreport on the bugtracker.